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Fresh, Fast, Flavor

Fresh and Fast

We're dedicated to ensuring our meals are always fresh, and conveniently located for fast access. We often restock our machines multiple times per day to ensure the utmost freshness.

Delicious Flavors

Our gourmet chefs have prepared an inspiring selection of delicious meal choices. With ingredients sourced from our premium organic farm partners, get ready for flavors that will entice your taste buds.

Our Advantage

Simple Vending Process

Our state-of-the-art smart vending machines are designed to make your meal purchase fast and simple.

Wide Selection of Meals

Our menu features a wide selection of delicious meals covering breakfast, lunch/dinner, snacks, drinks, and more.

Convenient Locations

With multiple convenient locations, it's easier than ever to enjoy a delicious, wholesome meal while you're on the go.

Our Story

  • The Idea
  • Our Founders
  • Our Philosophy
  • What's Next

It All Started With An Idea

Your day can get hectic, but access to wholesome, delicious food should be fast & simple.

With this one idea, we set off to reshape food on the go.

We sourced quality natural ingredients for our gourmet chefs and combined it all with our smart vending machines to make our fresh, delicious meals readily available to you in seconds. Now you can enjoy great flavors, feel good about what you're eating, and it's all fast, simple, and on the go!

Our Founders

It all started with two hectic lives and a shared passion for food.

Often we find that our dietary choices are controlled by our immediate options. Everyone wants to be healthy, but with all the other aspects of life that consume our day-to-day schedule, this desire often proves to be a dream instead of a reality.

Dream no more! Harvest Fridge was founded by people just like you. Two friends that needed a little help to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Drawing on the same life experiences and business acumen that in many cases prevented a healthy lifestyle, Harvest Fridge was conceived. A freshly made healthy option for the busiest of lifestyles.

So what are you waiting for? There are no more excuses to living a healthy lifestyle. Grab your favorite salad or wrap. Even the snacks are healthy!

Mark & Charlie

The Philosophy That Drives Us

The Best Ingredients

We believe that great meals start with great ingredients. Our gourmet chefs handcraft all of our meals and snacks with premium fresh ingredients sourced from our local farm partners.

Innovating Food On The Go

From the very start, our goal has been to innovate food on the go. By providing delicious and nutritious meals that are conveniently located and ready to eat in seconds, we're changing how you think about fast food, and meals on the go.

What's Next for Harvest Fridge

We're just getting started!

We have big plans to make our smart vending machines available in even more locations and cities nationwide. We're getting ready to offer even more meal choices and more great flavors. Our chefs are always crafting and testing new meal ideas, and the best ones make it into our vending machines.

We're excited for all the things coming up, and want you to be a part of it. Signup to our newsletter to stay up to date with our latest news and developments.

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